Wednesday, October 30, 2013

- I picked this creature to show how much I love my OCs (original characters)! I love what I come up with on paper! This little creature is a hybrid between a bull and a seahorse (don't ask how because I don't know the answer to that myself. =D ), also this creature lives in the water.
- I'm very proud of how the horns came out believe it or not but they were very hard to cut out. I'm also proud of the coloring (I used paint by the way. =3 ) the blue color on this piece was hard to make because I mixed three colors to get it to look this way.
- If I could go back and change something on this piece I would probably put more detail on it. XD
- The three kinds of art reliefs are: 1. low relief - which is when you make the image pop out alittle bit from the background.(ex: the image on a coin) 2. high relief - which is when you make the image pop out alot from the background. (ex: a pop out book) 3. sunken relief - which is when you do the opposite of both the high relief and the low relief, a sunken relief is when you carve the image inwards of the background. (ex: eygptian wall art and writings).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Color Project

The three objects that I used in this art piece are: 1. My love for animals (that includes fish) 2. My love for drawing my OCs (Original Characters)(the fish person) 3. Rocks and Gems (in the image I have my OC wearing amethysts, sapphires, and alexanderite.The bubbles are also made of amethysts.)
To draw this piece I used: 1. Pencil to sketch the image out. 2. Pen to outline the pencil marks. 3. Colored pencils to make it pretty and colorful.